What I know-grow

What I know for sure, babies grow.  They grow so quickly.  My first born turned 7 today.  7 years ago today life changed, I went from being me- selfish do what I please when I please, extra money on hand, awesome career, apartment renting me, to mom.  Mama a name I never expected to be mine.  I sort of slept the night before as best as I could being 11 days overdue and I was so nervous.  I didn’t know anything about babies.  I never changed a diaper.  I never could have imagined one moment I was still me,and the next minute I was a mama.  Wow.  So my husband and I took our bundle of joy home and the first night, I was thinking wow, this is easy and started to do it all- straighten up, get ready for the next day with the baby and my husband told me to stop, to not overdue it, to relax, it would all be ok.  While my husband was home with me for the next week, things went well, he’s good with babies.  When he left it was me and my son during the day.  I loved him, I loved to snuggle and hold him to sleep and rock him.  I was so happy to be a mama. Then I went back to work and for almost 2 years my baby was in day care.  That hurt me to no end, me total career driven person.  So I stopped.  I left my amazing career to work part time and be with my child.  It was the scariest decision I ever made and also the best.  But as much as you think time doesn’t fly, it does.  That was 5 years ago and I thought we’d have our whole days together forever, but they grow and then they go to school.  Now I really try to cherish my moments with him, because I miss him.  I remember some times during the baby years, thinking when will this stage end, when will the terrible twos past and the even more terrible threes.  Now I wish I would have savored more of those moments, because they fly like crazy. So I know now time flies and babies grow. I miss that baby smell and the cuddle, but I love getting to know my kids as little people.


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