Not so ahhhh

So we are 22 days into 2012.  I’ve been trying to focus on my word restore and to try to make my life changes. I can truly say I have not done anything restorative in these 22 days.  Some friends have relaxed-spa, nails done etc. Not really my thing.  I’ve been to church all Sunday’s so far, and nothing has relaxed me or drew me in.  I don’t feel like I am able to restore.  There’s so many changes I want to make and I want to feel better. Oh wait, I did start vitamins last week, but I only took them twice so far, because vitamins gross me out.  I just want to be refreshed, not angry, not catty, not gossipy, not tired. I want to know me.  I want to restore myself and my spirit and just to be happy and comfortable with myself. Why is life so complex sometimes?


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