Sweep Sweep Gone

I must confess as a mom in this current day, there is just too much little stuff in kids toys-hex bugs, legos, playmobil, etc.  I’m so glad silly bands have come and pretty much gone.  I swept up a few of those by accident a few times, along with hair bands and a piece of felt lettuce.  Today I was cleaning like a mad woman.  The hubs will not let me get new couches- his reasons are debt, and the kids and dog will ruin these too.  We got the current couches about 8 years ago and had them stain proofed.  Well bring in some kids, dog, cats and we’re on slip cover set number 2 and he is dead set on no new couches.  So I was cleaning today under the cushions and under the couches and found toys, food, cereal, money, crayons, games, chewed dog toys.  I was cleaning and cleaning and getting really frustrated.  I want a clean house with clean comfortable furniture and it never happens.  I clean and clean and it never stays nice.  Well most times I’m very careful not to sweep up any legos, but boy oh boy there are so many legos in this house and my new rule is if you can’t store them in any of the containers then if the vacuum gets them so be it and I won’t be picking them out of the vacuum canister.  Does that make me an awful mama?  Or is it ok that if I suck up one or two pieces of lego, it gives me some comfort in the mess.


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