Top 10, old school cartoons

So we spent several hours this afternoon watching Scooby Doo- I never said I was a tv free mama, some days that’s what works. Got me thinking and here are my top ten favorite cartoons from my youth:

1.Scooby Doo. The old one, none of this fred and daphne hitting on each other and dressing scantily.  The old ones with globetrotters, mama cass, and all those other people who were cool back in my day

2.Tom & Jerry. One of my first birthday cakes I remember maybe I was 3, it had Tom & jerry on it. I watch it now with my kids

3. The Jetsons. Wow, I loved the Jetsons. I wanted to be at my age now, in flying cars, with conveyor belts in your house, robot maids and full meals in pill form-when is that going to happen?

4.Flintstones. I watched it and I liked some of it. I hated Fred’s voice and I hated the canned laughter,even as a small child I found that weird.

5.She-Ra, He-Mans sister.  I loved this chick, first off all the little boys my grandmother babysat with me, had He-man so when his tough sister got her own show, I was over the moon. I could finally play with them and use the skeletor castle and not have to be moss man, or the man whose face turned around and had a few weird choices.

6.Muppet Babies.  I loved the Muppet Show and the movies.  I liked the muppet babies, but didn’t like the mam or nan or whatever that lady was called whose legs we could only see.  That freaked me out, why didn’t she realize there were little animal creatures living in her nursery.

7.Jem, this was from the end of my youth. But I liked her.  I liked how she was cool looking and had a band and if I remember correctly I think she lived in a really cool house.

8.Smurfs.I loved these guys. I had all of them, I used to act out the cartoons after I watched them.  I loved the smurfs, especially smurfette and brainy

9.Snorkels, I may be the only person on Earth who remembers the snorkels. They were cute and way more cool than Sponge Bob, who I despise.

10. Fat Albert. I loved when Bill Cosby said hey hey hey. I loved the adventures they all got into.  I loved how hip they seemed and it reminded me of when my dad and I would watch What’s Happening together.

What were your favorites?


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