yes that’s my child without socks

I have a confession to make. I was never one of those girls who did my hair.  I kind of combed it and let it be, kept it cut in a fashionable shape.  Maybe for about 3 months in 9th grade I took time to curl my bangs, other than that,nothing until the prom.  I was fashionable though.  I rocked the J.Crew and Gap clothes back in the day. My fashion has decreased to mom-ish clothes since having kids, but I am getting better.  But as for my kids, they are a hot mess.  My son picks his outfits and they are all pretty neutral, so he’s not too bad.  He won’t wear socks until I bug him about it, and then most times he wears one sock, which he has been doing since he was little.  My daughter has awesome outfits, but is stubborn and likes to pick some crazy things and wear them together.  She also likes to wear one sock.  Her hair is tight curls and I just can’t do it. We had it short, but everyone thought she was a boy, so now we are growing it out and no amount of detangler can help. My husband does her hair so well, but he’s at work in the am when we leave for school, so sometimes her hair is a proper hot mess. I used to be a mom who cared, but now I figure who cares.  My kids are clean and loved, so I can’t do braids or straightened hair, so my kid wears orange with yellow and stripes with dots, that’s ok with me.  I try not to judge other parents and what their kids are wearing because sometimes, it’s enough that we are dressed, with our teeth brushed and ready to go. Plus I’d rather read to my kids than do their hair any day.


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