I hate flying. I’ve flown quite a bit from when I lived overseas on an island. When you are on an island sometimes you have an itch to get off the island.  But I don’t like flying. I take xanax in order to fly nowadays.  I don’t like not being in control. That’s the part I hate.  I kind of like take off and landing, I like looking down at the Earth and sea below.  As much as I hate flying, it seems so freeing.  If I drive by an airport or see a plane in the sky, I wonder where is that going.  What would it be like to just jump on a plane and go somewhere.I sort of feel like getting away and having a different outlook sometimes.  I know back before kids that would have been easy, but as a mama, that is not an option when life is getting me down. But what is it about the ease of traveling and going somewhere different that relives us and sets us free? Do you ever feel like hoping on a plane and getting away from your day to day?


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