Is this the end or is it just fantasy??

So this week was a crappy week for news.  Right now my pet peeve is weird weather and people talking about 2012 prophecies.  I mean strangers are now coming up to me and saying, wow this weather is so warm, I’m starting to believe these Mayans were right, or I think the end is near.  Who says that to a person they don’t know as small talk.  Tonight I was driving past a church and the sign said end of the world prophecy series- what?  Who goes to that?  People are so odd. While I’m on the subject who else hates that stupid kid on the Rosetta Stone commercial who speaks Dutch to Santa and then Santa gets all excited and speaks it back?  Hello dork child, what kid wants Rosetta Stone? How strange was that freaking kid?

Alright on to the news, so Demi was hospitalized, did we not see that coming? Ashton dumped her and she was like 90 pounds and looked like crap. Wake up you can’t be young forever. And why do we care? Also why do I care about Seal and Heidi? No one has a perfect romance, and so it’s over.  Millions of people we don’t know have marriage issues every day and we don’t worry about them. On the subject of celebs we had Rihanna with that weird tatoo on her hands to honor Tupac and we found out T.O. is broke.  All things I didn’t need to read over and over and over again.

You would have thought Georgia schools would have learned to not be caught being negative after last weeks slave word problems on tests, but low and behold another school was in trouble because kids were playing games of slaves and slave catchers at recess.  Ok- how weird is that?  I don’t even know, how do a group of kids decide that sounds like a fun game, kids have poor judgement but if that didn’t seem weird to them, then maybe they need to have some additional lessons about that period in our history to understand why that is not something you’d want to be playing for fun.

There was the Navy Seal rescue in Somalia of an American girl and a Danish (?) guy.  Who goes to Somalia?  I mean really, I just don’t get it when you see people caught in these sketchy countries. There is plenty of injustice and volunteer options in other countries.  I don’t really know what they were doing exactly, but can it be worth being kidnapped?

Lastly, the unending news about Joe Paterno’s funeral. First off, I feel bad for his family, it’s hard for a family to lose a loved one.  On the other hand I have no sympathy for people who love him for his football actions. All week long there was live coverage on the news, online and people on Facebook kept posting all these memorials and oh I am so sad type posts.  The man choose not to pursue or bring to the attention of those who needed to know that there was blatent abuse happening to children. We can not send a message to society or children, that we don’t value them, or they can’t trust us to help them. We can’t let violators think they can get away with doing what they want because they are in a influencial position. I am so pissed that people want to fight and argue about his influence and how he can’t be blamed.

So that’s my complaints about all that I found annoying in the media this week, what about you?


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