You meant so much to my grandmother and I remember her through you

I love cards. I have always loved cards. I enjoy email and facebook and twitter but nothing makes me happier than getting a hand written card out of the blue.  I also can not begin to tell you how much I love and treasure cards from my husband, cards of sympathy when loved ones are no longer here, cards from my kids, from my best friends. I have a special box for all of my favorite cards.

A few years ago I found Dayspring.  I teach Sunday School and we celebrate baptism anniversary dates and present each child with a card with a handwritten message about the importance of their baptism.  I found the perfect blank cards, with great Scripture on the front that we could use.

Dayspring has a line of cards called So True Card Pack. They are so detailed and beautiful and have scripture, I love them. My grandmother passed away the past year and I try to keep in touch with her best friend, I don’t like to call because she gets very choked up, so I thought why not send her this uplifting card to say hi and I’m thinking of you and you are important to me.  Isn’t that what cards are for anyway?  An unexpected card is so much more appreciated than the expected birthday card.


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