Hey I can do that

I have a lot of free time and I like to be busy. I am also one of those people who like to be involved and help. At church I try to be on lots of committees, I also volunteer three days a week at my child’s school. So last year when the option to join PTO came up, I was there. I was kind of excited at the first event I helped with and met a few nice people. I went to about five meetings and decided this was the biggest clique since high school and these people were weird and really not people I could see myself bonding with. None the less I got a huge donation for the basket party for a business (the biggest prize they had) and I donated a basket of items I sell with a home sales company. There was never a thank you, never an email or a letter- nothing. I decided I needed to stop going because I felt so out of place there. I showed some interest in being a treasurer and they never bothered to contact me, even though I have experience.  Now if you ask my husband he says I pull odd faces, without even knowing it.  So today I asked my kid if they get cookies as a desert when they buy lunch. My kid says only people whose parents go to the PTO meetings get cookies and he looks at me weird.  So I say what? You know I was not good at the PTO thing, those people are weird, I’m bad at making friends and I felt uncomfortable, kid continues to look at me, then I finally say if you want a cookie so badly, ask dad to go to the meeting for you, other moms love him and he’s mister personality when it comes to things like that. So I share this story with my husband who is shocked that I admitted to my kid that I don’t do well with meeting people- what’s wrong with that? I couldn’t exactly lie to my kid and say oh I love the PTO. Honesty is the best policy, right?


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