10 things my kids will never know

1. Curlers. Man I hated when my mom would set my hair at night after a bath, and I’d have to sleep with those awful pokey plastic pink curlers.

2.A Walkman, cassette or CD. I had the coolest bright yellow Sony Sports walkman in the late 80’s that I got for Christmas. I thought I was so cool.

3.A Car phone. When I got my liscence I also got one of those bag o’ phone things. It was huge, had a cord and I think plugged into the lighter, but it was nice to have when I needed to call home because I was going to miss curfew…

4.Taping songs from the radio onto cassettes.  You had to time it just right and it was such bad quality or you would tape an hours worth, dj and all. Those were the days

5.Freezy Freakies gloves. This things were cool, you went outside and it was cold and a little scene appeared on the gloves, it was very cool. On this line there was also the Hypercolor shirts, you touched them and your body heat changed the color or you put them in the freezer and they changed color again.

6.Wall walkers. These cool sticky spiders came in a cereal box and you threw them against the wall or window and they walked down.

7.USSR and East & West Germany. My first Jetta was made in East Germany. My kids will never look on a globe and see these countries called these names. This is a good thing, but it seems so funny to me, how countries can change names

8.YM Magazine. I loved this magazine. I spent hours pouring over the pages in junior high

9.Roos sneakers, they had a little pocket to hide money in, that was cool

10.Sears Catalog Christmas toy edition- wow how excited was I when this came in the mail? I would circle, gaze, make my list, make another list and after Christmas I would cut it up and decorate my dollhouse and make collages. It was an awesome thing, my kids will never know.


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