Sid I can’t stand you

Ok, so first confession I am the mom who lets the tv on in the background for most of the day as a distraction and so the kids give me some space sometimes. We watch Disney, PBS, Nick Jr, and sometimes Scooby on demand. So there are many shows I will not watch and hate- Sponge Bob, most shows on Nickoledon.  But really I hate Sid the Science kid. I hate his size and his spongey looking self. I hate how he was super excited to be getting a shot from his grandma. How can a kid be excited for a shot? How sadistic is stupid Sid? Really was there any kid who was watching that show and said hey mom, I really would love a shot and I would really really love it if grandma (who is a nurse) would come into school and give one to me and all my friends.  I am sure my popularity will soar. I’ll get invited to all sorts of parties and people will really want to play with me at recess, because I have the awesome grandma who gives shots. What?? Come on Sid people, that is a stupid concept.

Let me move on from the shots, onto his stupid questions, such as mom why is oatmeal lumpy? Who cares? Really so kids ask weird questions, you answer it or make up an answer.No mom wants her kid to do a week long study on why oatmeal is lumpy.

He annoys me and I don’t think there is one thing my kid can glean from that show, other than to not be an annoying kiss a** kind of pre-k kid.

He can’t accept things as they are.  He needs to know everything. I’m all about learning and educational opportunities, but really Sid goes way over the top. I can’t stand him and my kids know so we don’t watch him, if I can help it.


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