1 & 2 Day and Night

So we all know there are differences between boys and girls. In my mothering experience boys as toddlers and babies are a walk in the park compared to girls. Girls start out with the same attitude and fiesty-ness I think they will have their whole lives.  But let’s talk birth order. 1st and 2nd are seriously night and day. I never had a brother or sister growing up. My husband is number 2 in his family, he has an older brother.  So here are my main breakdowns:

#1 is calm, quiet, more reserved, a thinker; my 2nd child is loud, center of attention, and hyper (I’ve since learned my husband had hyper activity as a child and was the class clown, so maybe it’s genes and not all birth order)

#2 is more loving and likes to take care of everyone; #1 can be more stand offish and more self centered

#2 gets into everything-cabinets, scissors, markers, crayons, makeup, jewelry; #1 never needed to safety locks on cabinets (even though we had them anyway)

#1 seems more daring and fell down the stairs, got stitches first and is more daring than I’ll ever be; #2 is all over the place but not quite as daring

#2 spends the day trying to be just like #1 and keeping up, liking the same toys and shows

Now by no means do I mean literal #1 and #2, I’m just using those #’s as a reference to first born and second born.

What difference do you see in birth order in your home? What about if you have a #3 or #4 or even more?


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