Wow, why is news so bad

Ok,so by now we all know Whitney died. Yes she was young, but come on she did coke and was married to Bobby Brown, so we should not be totally shocked.  She looked bad, but not quite as bad as Maculay Culkin, what happened to him? He looks like the dude version of an Olsen twin.

I didn’t do my last week news so here’s a quick recap:

-there was a dentist using paper clips for root canals. That’s really disturbing and reminds me why I think root canals are a money racket. I was told by a dentist I need 2 of them and could start an account and put money in to pay for them. I never went back and after that went to 2 other dentists, who have never mentioned root canals.

– there was a purple squirrel found in PA. How does a squirrel turn purple?

– the whole deal with susan g komen and the money and planned parenthood. That was kind of annoying and shocking and then we find out that now everyone can get birth control for free, except there is no such thing as free and the rest of us will find that cost added to our insurance somewhere

-there was also this girl who was on yearbook picture 3, because of the racy-ness of her pics, that the mom approved of. Seriously #3 looked like Brittany Spears in that school girl uniform video, totally slutty, totally not right for school or a young girl and just wrong.

-we had more news and now pics of the Carter family. Wow, I don’t care, I’m over that now. I was over that when I heard about the NICU disruption, and when I hear Carter all I can think of is Nell, just call them Beyonce and Jay Z and their kid


This week we heard more about the creepiest MF’er in PA, Jerry Sandusky, who of course lives next to a little kids school, and who sits on his deck and watches the kids at recess and of course the parents are pissed. A few things about that, ok it’s winter, who is sitting out on their porch and is anyone else shocked that he’s at his home? I figured that dude was living in a cave somewhere by now. Either he truly thinks he’s innocent and was just teaching kids how to shower or he’s never heard what they do to people like him in prison. I mean how can he just go about his life, he must realize how it’s going to all go down for him. He’s such a creep ball just to see on the news clips makes my skin crawl and while I am talking about losers who have a special section in Hell carved out for them, what about that super douche who lured his kids back to his house, hatcheted them and then burnt the house down? What a sick ****. I mean really they were just little boys and this ass who they think killed the wife, claims he can’t go on like this, so fine loser, kill yourself, the world will go on and be fine without you, but those boys. How does someone do that to their own flesh and blood and the kids were old enough and one obviously saw him do it to the other, I just can’t stand to hear sh*t like that. It’s so disturbing you can’t stop thinking about it, I mean I hope the boys had comfort that they had each other, because they lost their mama and this douche was the last person they saw on Earth, that’s just so sad.


So my take on the bad and weird news this week and last. I’m out.


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