How we met

It’s Valentine’s almost and love is supposedly in the air. In my air is coughing and post nasal drip and congestion. But there was a time long ago when love was in the air.  My husband (then boyfriend) made me a homemade envelope with pink tissue paper and hearts and mailed me a letter one Valentines. Another time he bought me some aquamarine set of earrings. So how did we meet? Well I was working at an all boys boarding school in the snack bar. A job I got by accident because I went to pick up my friends sister and was asked by security what I was doing there.  So I applied for a job and for several years I worked in the snack bar. I used to see this tall skinny boy scurry through with bad clothes and a bookbag. I never paid any mind to him, he was pale and was not cool or anyone I would hang out with. One fall day I was hanging out at a local corner store where some of my friends I knew from the school hung out and also with a kid I was sort of in a relationship with for over a year, who had hurt me and went off with someone else.  He was annoying me and acting like nothing had changed. All of a sudden this tall skinny boy with an accent said take me somewhere. I never would have done that but for some reason my friend and I got in the car with this boy and we all went to a local diner. He had a blue back pack. He told me he was from New Jersey. He ate caesar salad. He called my friend later and I assumed he liked her. Then he called me. We discovered we could make each other laugh. I was driving home maybe two weeks later after seeing him, and I knew at a red light I would marry him. I knew if he went anywhere in the world to college or anywhere period I would follow him. I was young, 19, he was 18 but I knew it.  After that we spent hours on the phone all day and night and all his free time together. We wanted to run away together when he got in trouble in school, but we didn’t. We stuck it out and then he graduated and we went to college together and the rest as they say is history. Yes most young romances don’t last and yes how can you still be with the person you met as a teen when you didn’t even know yourself. Love changes and people change, but you grow and you commit to each other. You grow together. I would still follow him anywhere in the world and I have. He is also the only person who would physically lower my blood pressure and make me relax as I lay in the hospital suffering from pre-eclampsia. He is my best friend and we have been together longer than my parents were and longer than any other couple we know our age. It’s not always sunshine and rose petals, but it is comfort and love and knowing there is always someone who will have your back and love you for who you are.I love me some boo.


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