Two weeks-forgive me

So I didn’t post last week because I was really busy, actually I was just out with my friends last Saturday night and Sunday night, so my blogging got pushed back a bit. Anyway in the past week or so you could not be anywhere without hearing about Whitney. I was sitting at a small bar and it came across the tv and everyone kind of stopped said OMG Whitney, so young, blah blah and then started talking right away about what could have been the cause. I grew up in the 80’s, I liked her music, but she did not define a generation for me or anything. I think she had a beautiful God given voice and I think that celebrity lifestyle and some bad people in her life caught up with her like so many other people. We all make choices, some good, some bad. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Did I think we needed to see everyone on Facebook boo-hooing about it? Live media coverage of everything, countless talk of Bobbie Kristina (spelling?) and people all doing commentary on every show and magazine and website? No of course not. But in our society we glorify celebrities and we glorify them even more when they pass away. I was so shocked about the story of those two little boys and the coward bastard dad, who killed them, that really pissed me off. I hate to think about the sick crazy f**ks in this world. But those children who never got much of a chance to live, who lost their mom and who were so innocent, did not get live coverage and story after story after story of how they were too young to die. I’m sure there were also men and women fighting in wars, doing police work, being fire people, etc who might have passed away too soon last week doing what they do, protecting us, but there was no glory there and no boo-hooing about how they changed our life, because they were just people like us, not celebs. We are a place of messed up priorities.

The funniest story I saw last week, but didn’t even read- I just liked the headline, was Shakira bit by a seal in South Africa. Now that’s the celeb news that makes me laugh. But then again, deep down do I give a sh*t? No.

This week was Westminster Kennel Club’s show. I watched that. Yes while all you were watching the Grammy’s, I was watching dogs doing their thing. I like animals, I like to see my dogs breed on the show. But I am totally skeeved out by the calves of the handlers and their creepy colored stockings. So I know some of those dogs probably cost more than my house, so why can’t the handlers get nicer looking outfits? They aren’t all old and yet they dress like someones grandma. Maybe there is some kind dress code, I don’t know, but it really freaks me out year after year. On a side note, if you ever get the chance, watch Best in Show, it is hillarious.

Then there was the two part episodes of Oprah meeting the Hasidics. Loved it. This coincided with me getting the book Unorthodox about a girl who left her Hasidic roots- great book. But anyway. I am fascinated by Hasidics, I actually work with some from time to time and like a true observer of the world, I love to learn about other people. Oprah’s show was very information and I liked it.  The only thing was Oprah kept saying do you know who am I? What you don’t watch tv? I can’t believe you have no idea who I am. I can’t believe you never saw me on tv. I have a magazine. I just wanted to scream Oprah, they don’t watch tv, yes they have no idea who you are, just like when you met the Amish people a few years ago. Yes it’s hard to believe but there are people on this Earth who have never seen you.

Lastly I want to comment on this crazy trend I keep seeing on Facebook. American Girl doll over-posting. This is when a mom fixes the dolls hair, dresses them, builds them a house, makes them pose in rooms, adds false eyelashes, gives colored extensions and any other thing you can think of. And then the mom takes pictures, and puts them on Facebook and shares them with other bored slightly crazy moms on the American girl website, with comments like oh look at Lovely here with her nice lashes sitting in her atrium waiting to have lunch with her ten other friends, who are being groomed as I write this. Yes these are moms, playing with dolls, blaming their kids. Moms who have bought maybe 10, 20 or 30 of these dolls for their kids, the clothes, the furniture, the pets, the accessories, you name it. It’s freaky and it’s creepy and I don’t get it. I never had an American Girl doll, because I was older when they came out. I have always wanted one and when I was first pregnant with my first I ordered a catalog in case I had a daughter (which I didn’t) but anyway, someday yes I would like to get one for my daughter, but I want her to play with it, to use her imagination. I won’t be taking pics of what the dolls are doing over and over and posting them online to share and compare with other moms. It’s weird and creepy.  So there I said it.

My gripes for the week, enjoy, comment, tell me how you feel. Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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