Matthew 13

Here are some of the parables in this chapter that Jesus uses to help people understand what He is saying and to learn about heaven. He needs to speak in parables so people can understand and take it to heart and to make it easier to understand and relate what He is teaching about.  I must confess I don’t always understand the parables. Some of it is because He compares some things from long ago that I don’t know about-mustard seeds, yeast, wheat- things I’m not really knowledgeable about.  When He goes to Nazareth his hometown, He is rejected. How sad, there were people lining up and traveling just to hear Him speak and He goes home and they just remember Him as Jesus they knew back in the day.  How similar is that to us? We always put memories and labels on people. People can change and grow, but there is always a part of us that will remember the old person, question their sincerity, think in the back of your mind, that a leopard can not change it’s spots. That even happened to Jesus, the people who remembered Him could not see past what He was here for, they couldn’t get passed their ideas that this guy could not be the messiah, because He was from there. So we can see that it’s been happening this way for years and years and years. People have a hard time letting people grow.  I’m as guilty as anyone else when it comes to this.


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