The Good Samaritan

Luke 10 25-37

How often we say oh he’s such a good samaritan or she’s such a good samaritan. It’s a common saying in our society and to think it comes from Biblical times. It has such staying power. There have been modern versions to make us think in our terms, but it’s all the same. There is a person hurt on the side of the road (who may have been Jewish) and a priest and a person from outside of Samaria pass him by. People didn’t like Samaritans. Not much has changed, we all have opinions of people from certain areas of our towns, states, countries. People we stick stereotypes onto. It’s not good. But finally the Samaritan stops, helps the man and takes him to shelter and provides so he can stay until he heals. Jesus wants us to know all people are our neighbors, we are all our brothers keeper. By using the Samaritan in his story, he telling people how God wants us to love everyone, treat everyone with kindness. I am dealing with a co-worker who is not very easy to get along with and for a long time I’ve been retaliating, talking back, saying mean things to people but I’ve been thinking. She’s not easy to get along with and many people know that, so I’ve been thinking she is my neighbor,I should try to be respectful to her, even though it’s tough. It’s a lesson I’m trying to teach my son. He has a tendency to be mean to his sister, not respecting her and I’m trying to instill the fact that in our home and family we need to love and respect each other, not just people in our lives outside of the home.


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