Lost and Found

Luke 15- The parables of Lost and Found.

I get attached to things, I know I shouldn’t but I do. I also like to control things, so if I lose or misplace something I get really upset.  I think in life we misplace things and lose things because we need to. God needs to show up to let go and take our focus from there, to see with different eyes.  In these parables Jesus is talking about how great it is, to be able to get the lost one.Sure it’s great if you have 99 people at church, but they are there because they are believers, you need to go to the last 1,you need to show him the way to the Lord and to see Jesus’salvation and let him know God has a plan. We aren’t supposed to focus on what’s in front of us or what we didn’t lose, we are supposed to help the lost and the wanderer, the same way Jesus helped us.


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