Top 10 kids cartoons/shows I hate but have to watch

These are the ones I have to watch with my kids, there are kids shows we don’t watch that I hate even more, hello Sponge Bob.

1. Pair of Kings- I just can’t stand that deep voice guys voice, it creeps me out

2.Little Bear- he is so bloody whiny. If I was the rest of the forest I wouldn’t hang with him anymore

3.Calliou. Does any adult like this kid? Ok the kid has been bald since day 1, that’s weird and he whines and he is super annoying and I hate his voice and name, and I hate the episodes with the stuffed animals in between even more

4.Wubzy. This show is stupid. Wubzy is like a warped pac-man on crack and his friends are weird, the smart guy reminds me of the guy who played a British doctor on Something about Mary,who was really a pizza delivery dude and the lady reminds me of Dolly Parton crossed with Ellen.

5.Barney. I’ve hated him since my brother was a kid and he is now 23. I hate Baby Bop, I hate the other thing Rip. I think this show portrays racial stereotypes and I think his messages and adventures are annoying too,but my kids both liked it

6.Noddy. Again stupid premise, kids like it. I’m not a fan of gnomes with jobs and cars. I do get a kick out of the bad guys though, they make me laugh

7.Thomas. For the first 4 years of my kids life I spent so much money on everything Thomas and we had to watch it over and over again. We had the DVDs. I stepped on trains over and over again. I also could not stand Sir Top Um Hat, dude was a serious micro manager

8.Chuggington. So Disney needed to catch on to this train thing and they invented this show, which again is a bunch of annoying trains talking to people

9. Cat in the Hat. I like the books so much better, any time they animate that cat he gets creepy and weird.

10.Bubble Guppies. Kind of cute to look at, catchy music, but they are weird little mermaids and mermen who get schooled by fish and lobsters, but act like kids.


So there’s my top 10 of annoying kids shows we watch. Did I miss any? 



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