Take Nothing

Luke 9

The disciples. Jesus told them to go out and heal and cast out demons. He also told them to take nothing- no money, no clothes. I can’t imagine. I would like to think I would have been able to be part of that, but I live in modern times were we are tied to our things. I’m sure even in biblical times when they had way less things than we do, they still had things-mats,water holders,maybe a rudimentary piece of jewelry, things that meant something to them. Maybe it was something left from a family member who passed, or something special or something they truly needed. But here He is telling them take nothing. Leave it all, God will provide. He is saying don’t be tied down by things or even by people, go and serve and be helpers. I often think of modern day missionaries or people who go to developing countries or to places destroyed by nature, they just go. Maybe they take some medical supplies or a mosquito net or some candy for children, but for the most part they go and they do what they have been called to do, they serve others. They most likely are not staying in a comfortable place, they may not be in a safe place, but they are there because they trust God and feel that is where they are meant to be. Later on in this passage Jesus feeds 5000. The kids in Sunday School are always mesmorized when we do this lesson and pass the small amount of bread and still have leftovers, so imagine how the 5000 felt. But He knew, Jesus knew God would provide. I am a worrier, I worry about bills and money, I grow attached to things and comfort and I don’t think I could be like the disciples, I couldn’t be a missionary, but then we aren’t all meant to be. But I would like to think I could be more of a take nothing person, leave my thoughts and my worries and go to Jesus in prayer. Give a little more to the food bank or the church offering each month because I have been blessed, go through my closet more and find things I could give to help others, because I have enough. Even all these years later, there is still something to connect to me here and now and take away from this passage.


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