It’s all History

What happened to the History Channel? They don’t have any history. They have shows about swamp people, pawn people, junk pickers, aliens, that annoying cable guy and his state show- but nothing on history. I love shows about  saints, and conquerors, wars and religions. Every Christmas and Easter I scour the channels looking for some historic take on the events and nothing. There’s shows on buying and selling things, shows on drugs, shows on occupations.  I mean why? Then you go to History International and it’s more junk and every show you can ever imagine about Hitler. I mean seriously,how much more can you do? It’s not WWII or anything interesting, it’s like Hitler and his drugs,Hitler and the occult, Hitler and what he ate for breakfast- just stupid grabbing at straws stuff. Why did they change their programming? Why don’t they change their name to something like really stupid shows to fill time that don’t involve history? Oh and then there’s gun shows and motorcycle shows.Why not celebrate America and our companies, or our historical landmarks? Yes there is a desire for shows like these, but for history fans, this is not what we are looking for.I truly think I had better choices when I was younger and you had to get up and push a button in to move the cable box and we only had like 10 channels with cable, now I have hundreds of channels and it’s all bad.


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