Walking on water and walking away

Jesus walked on the water. He told Peter he could do it too, and as soon as he lost faith, he began to sink. Jesus said have faith, don’t doubt me. I’m here for you. This is an amazing example of faith. What speaks to me in this passage (Matthew 14. 22-36) is Jesus sent the disciples home and He went up into the hills to pray. He took a break, after doing things all day, it was late,He was teaching and healing and instead of going to bed, He went off to pray. Now mind you they had less distractions than we do- no tv, no lights, no internet, nothing to keep you distracted at night, but your worries and they did have worried back then just like we do.  But He knew He needed to pray, He needed to talk to God. I know how much quiet can do, I try to concentrate in quiet sometimes and get close to God, but then my mind wanders. I love how Jesus is showing us there is a need and He stops it all to go off in the quiet and pray. I love that.

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