I am hurt and pissed about Trayvon. The kid was walking to get a snack at the store, talking to his girlfriend on the phone, with his hood up. Maybe he was cold, maybe it was raining or maybe he was just being like the other 95% of kids/teens in this country who walk around with their hoodies up. It can be 70 degrees out and kids still put their hoods up.It’s what kids do. They might be shy, they might be insecure, they might think they are tough, they might be hiding something, but they are kids and they will always be wearing some sort of clothes that we adults don’t get. So this crazy insecure dude, who lives in a gated community, who thinks he’s a cop, who probably sits around watching Cops and America’s most wanted(which I’m not saying is bad, because so do we), who has called the police on black youth lots of times, including one who was 7-9 years old, this guy decides he needs to chase down this child, and shoot him, after he was told not too. I mean crazy stuff happens near my house, but you know what you call the police and they come and do their thing. You don’t shoot some unarmed kid.  To me shooting a kid after you have been told to let the authorities come and handle it, means you are over the top, their is something wrong, maybe it’s mental, it’s probably because you have a deep seeded distrust of young black guys and it’s not right. This was someone’s brother, son, friend, grandson, neighbor, student,boyfriend,team mate,nephew, cousin. People are hurting. Strangers are hurting. After people like myself who have never met him,but are human and can feel empathy, start to think about the loss and the pain, we get pissed. Why is this crazy guy who shot a kid down for no reason other than he had his hoodie up and was black, allowed to go home? It was not self defense, the kid was walking. That is not violent or illegal. The only thing he did that night was make the choice to walk by this losers house. A choice that would change his life, the life of those who knew him, the life of this nation. I’m sad and angry and I think that guy should be in jail. He did it once and if he gets away he’ll do it again. Trayvon’s mom and dad lost their child, because of this guys ignorance and we lost a young man and who knows the potential he could have had in his lifetime.


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