Blind and now I see

John 9

The man was blind. Jesus came across him. The disciples ask why is he blind? His sins or his parents? Jesus says he’s blind so we can see. How many times do we hear about someone with an illness or an accident or a sick child and people comment, well that person should have behaved better, this will make them change/think/etc. I sometimes think that, what did I do now? But that’s not how God works. My second child was born early, I got really sick and for awhile I thought, what did I do? I was going back to church, getting involved, coming back to God, growing. But it took me until after we went through a long period of tough times that I realized, God was giving me a chance to stop and slow down.  He was giving me this chance, to see and to learn. I wasn’t being punished I was growing and becoming stronger in my faith. I love when Jesus says I am the light in the world. How beautiful and loving is that? He is light. He was there to heal these blind man who had faith and could follow and be a believer. He was there to help this man and of course the Pharisees were not happy with this. But it was always meant to be. I love it, God has a plan for all of us and it’s not always a smooth road, and it’s better that way.


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