We are blessed

So today we took my youngest to a Children’s Hospital to meet a genetics doctor to talk about hearing loss. Our loss is not a big deal right now, we need to stay on top and get tests from time to time. Her file was seriously like an encyclopedia and she’s not really that ill of a kid. Mainly NICU records and charts, the NICU is hard core, and for good reasons so. But as we walked through the hospital and saw cars from other states, people speaking a slew of languages, old kids to babies. There were some kids with casts on arms and some kiddos who were very very sick. The whole place kind of feels like a mall, not as upbeat as a mall, but like a mall. It made me sad because there were rooms overlooking the courtyard and floors and floors and all I could think was all those sick kids. Here we are with our kid, getting checked for something that is not all that bad and there are people here getting life changing news. Peoples lives are changing while we are validating our parking ticket.  It’s sad and it’s hard to deal with. The hospital is laid out to make you kind of take your mind off stuff, but at the same time behind the facade kids are sick, parents are crying, doctors are wringing their hands, but miracles are happening, kids are getting a second chance, lifes are starting. It’s a crazy seesaw, but that is life. So as I walked around, I thought we are blessed. We are all blessed no matter what life gives us, there is good in anything and this is what I know for sure.


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