Random things I miss

Here is a random list of things I miss so much about living in Bermuda:

-the ocean everywhere. I miss the ocean whenever I leave anywhere without an ocean- even the smelling Atlantic on the East Coast

-our sailboat. when I had a boat I never enjoyed it or appreciated it because I was a worry wart, now I would love an afternoon sailing around, reading, enjoying the sun, feeling the sea spray on my face

-moongates. they are just romantic and I loved seeing them. 

-christmas shopping in town on a Friday night when the street was closed down, seemed so quaint and old-fashioned, not the same as shopping on amazon.com

-christmas eve in the small Anglican churches,candlelight and walking out into the humid island air, set in a church and graveyard that was hundreds of years old, riding home on Christmas night and looking up at the star filled sky and realizing the world is small but still far from loved ones when you miss them. hearing the ocean, it was pure bliss



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