friday night

When I was growing up and young I remember Friday night was fun. No school the next day,dinner out and sometimes family would be over to watch tv together or to play cards. I’d stay up as late as I could, then fall asleep in my grandmothers bed. When I was older, Friday night was the night to go out- to walk to the movies with friends, or go to football games. It’s amazing how years later many miles away I still will smell a scent or feel the wind and be reminded of my teen Friday nights. But Friday was always just a segway into Saturday. Saturday was when I would go with my grandparents to the grocery store. We would take back glass soda bottles and drop them in the front and grab new ones when we shopped.I would sit in the cart and read, or when I was too big would walk through the store reading. The store had those cash registers where the ladies had to enter each price by hand on big buttons(it sounds very little house but I’m not that old). I wanted to be one of those ladies when I grew up, I thought that was such a cool job. I did become one of those ladies when I was in college and I loved it. I would also collect those books grocery stores offered each week, like Charlie Brown Encyclopedia’s-man I loved those books. Some days it would just be me and my grandfather and he would take me to the dollhouse shop in town, or my dad would take me there and I loved it there. One of my best memories was a really snowy day and my grandfather took me into town to run some errands and we quick stopped at the dollhouse store, it was an awesome day. We got snowed in and I made crafts, played outside and decorated my dollhouse for several days. Some days we would grab some lunch after at the local spot for burgers and hotdogs. I also used to love rainy days when the little old ladies would break out the plastic ran caps to cover their permed hair. They bought them in little plastic boxes. Saturday mornings for most of my life were spent me and my pap. That was precious to me and I am so glad, I got that chance. Sometimes I do miss small town America shops and errands and life, but I’m not complaining I still love my amazon…


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