if you don’t know don’t open your mouth

I never talk to people I don’t know. I mean maybe sometimes, in passing like you do at a store, but I don’t talk to people about their kids. If I see a cute kid, I’ll wave or get my kid to wave and that’s it. But some people just don’t do that, they cross the line.

First off I am not as skinny as  I once was, but I’ve had two friends kids tell me I had a baby in my tummy. Ok so not cool, makes me feel stupid, makes me embarrassed, reminds me I am a fat a**. I didn’t bring my kids up to just say things like that and I hope they won’t, because it hurts, even if they aren’t trying to be mean it hurts.

Getting back to kids. My child has beautiful red curly hair. I dress her in girlie colors and dresses and just girl looking clothes. People will come up to me and say oh isn’t he cute, or it is a her isn’t it? Come on people, really. If you are wondering about something and it’s a stranger don’t open your mouth. I don’t really want you to ask about my kid or say she’s cute. I believe in modest clothes, but I don’t mean Duggar style. No shorts shorts, shirts that don’t show lots of skin, nothing tight, nothing that says like I’m sweet and has a food on it. Stuff like that. I like classic clothes-Gymboree and Lands End, so my kid is not in a mini skirt and fish nets, she is not wearing a crop top or heels or a teeny tiny bikini. Does that mean she looks like a dude? No. Her hair is not crazy long, because it’s tight curls, but it’s also not guy short. What does society want? Should I dress my kid like one of those little skanky children on toddlers in tiaras? Does she need a padded shirt, a hair piece, fake teeth, lots of makeup and a tan for people to stop coming up to me and asking me if she’s a guy? How is she going to feel when she’s a bit older and people are still doing that? And it’s not just older people, it’s people of all ages. Society is so used to little girls looking so much older than their age and this is the result in my opinion. So next time if you have to wonder, be like me and just don’t say anything. You don’t need to get in other peoples business.


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