one thousand gifts March 2012

Ok, I must admit, I read Ann Voskamp’s blog daily & I bought her book, but I only saw the one thousand gift Joy Dare Last month, so I’m doing January’s Joy Dare in March:

1. 3 things about myself for which I am grateful- God gave me a kind heart, I am a Sunday School teacher and my family is amazing.

2.a gift outside- crocuses coming up, a gift inside-warmth, a gift on a plate- pink lemonade cake

3. Three lines overheard that were graces- Here let me help you, someone talking about a cardio doctor who did lead extractions, thank you

4. One gift old, new and blue. Old-family pics, New-my little ones laughs, Blue-spring skies

5. reading, making, seeing. Reading a stack of magazines, 3 books and some catalogs. Making my grocery list. Seeing the crocuses come up

6. one thing in bag, fridge and heart. In my bag is wet wipes, always need with kiddos, in the fridge is diet ice tea-love it, that the hubs bought me and in my heart are my kids, they are sweet lovely little people

7. 3 graces from people I love.My kids love me even though I am not perfect,my husband loves me even if our home isn’t sparkling clean,my friends love me even though I’m sometimes not very social

8.Light that caught you- the suns rays peering in through a sun catcher my aunt made me, a reflection that surprised me- seeing my child laugh and seeing myself, a shadow that fell lovely- watching the shade in my yard and the birds eating and singing

9.a gift in my hand- my computer, a gift I walked by- crocuses and daffidols, a gift you sat with-my kids

10.a gift that’s sour-homemade pickled cauliflower & carrots, a gift that’s sweet-apple cider donuts, a gift that’s just right-God’s love

11. 3 yellow things that remind me of fresh mercy- daffodils, baby chicks, lemons

12. something above me- sleeping kiddos, something below me-sleeping cats and something beside me-a sleeping dog

13. 3 sounds I hear- my son,my husband and the sound of the world going round outside

14. 3 ways I glimpsed the grace of God- being forgiven, hearing my kids laugh so hard at silly things, sunny spring days

15. one thing I wore- a warm fleece to keep me warm on a chilly day,one thing I gave away- I gave away a copy of Grace for the Good Girl to my church library for others to enjoy, one thing I shared-french fries at lunch with my daughter

16. 3 signs of happiness I saw today-my kids so excited to see dad home from work, my dog wagging his tail when the kids were petting him,my husband hugging me because he missed me gift that made me laugh-my bff, one gift that made me pray-safety and one gift that made me quiet-sleep

18. 3 gifts from God’s word- freedom from worry, be thankful, love

19. a grace in the kitchen- dinner with the family, a grace in the weather- it’s so warm, a grace that might have never been-me finding a place back at my church

20. 3 gifts saw close up- crocuses poking out of the ground, birds eating at the feeder(thru binoculars),the smell of a daffodil

21. one thing in the sky-heaven, one thing from my memory- my nan’s loving arms, one thing that’s ugly-beautiful- those dogs in the worlds ugliest dog contests

22. one grace wrinkled- clean laundry,one grace smoothed- a beautiful worn rock, one grace unfolded- a bunny stretching- I have never seen that before and it was cute and amazing

23. 3 gifts found in Christ- forgiveness, grave, love

24. 3 things blue- bird eggs, the sky, the ocean at warwick long bay

25. one grace borrowed-patience, one grace found-unconditional love, one grace inherited-taking care of others

26. a gift before 9 am- my children in the morning, still sleepy. a gift before noon- getting some housework completed, a gift after dark- a nice dinner at home with the hubs

27. 3  gifts that might have never been- my dad, he was shot and almost died before I was born, my 2 rescued cats, meeting my husband(right place/right time kind of thing)

28. 3 graces found in your friends-laughs,love and support

29. a song heard- hear I am to worship, here I am to bow down…, a soft word-peace, where I saw light- in the beautiful morning when my baby woke up and said look mama it’s morning

30. 3 old things seen new-how I am fitting in at my church and choices made, thrift shop books, scrambled eggs for dinner

31. a gift found on a paper- my nan’s ap cake recipe,in a person- time with my aunt, in a picture- a new daily email I subscribe to with old photos

There a month of gifts, grace, gratitude and noticing….


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