My name is Legion

Today my reading was Mark 5:1-20,about the crazy guy named Legion. It always amazes me that everyone questioned Jesus, who is this guy, who does he think he is, who is he who can do these miracles? All this questioning, all this non-believing. But every time He came near an evil spirit or possessed spirit, it knew right away that He was Jesus, son of God. Amazing, people who could have believed and taken in the miracles and the love and the trust wondered and questioned Him, but the people deemed as crazy or unfit or possessed knew straight away who He was and what kind of power He had. I love that, it’s amazing. It’s almost like today, people are used to not being able to trust and question everything and everyone. Would I have questioned Him or would I have believed right away? It’s easy in hindsight all these years later knowing what we now know to be a believer, but what would I have done back then? It’s like when we hear about Peter and the 3 times denying and the rooster crowing, he knew Jesus and loved Him and followed Him, but when push came to shove and his life was in jeopardy he denied Him. This weekend we will celebrate again the wonderful ressurection  of Jesus and all He did for us, I hope that I don’t miss an opportunity to care for Him, in the poor, lonely, hunger, inprisioned, let me be able to look for ways to serve.


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