Random bits

My past is full of overcoming many difficulties to be at this happy place I am now

Parties are fun to go to, but I prefer a few close friends to a big party

Tomorrow I am going to help at the library,paint my daughters nails and go to a kids birthday party

I have a low tolerance for violent movies, like Rambo, which my husband watches way too much and is watching right now

I’m totally terrified of my kids being bullied at school, kids today really scare me

I wonder why I am not happy all the time and that bothers me

Never in my life have I mowed a lawn

High School was fun. I have good memories, but in hindsight it flew by

When I’m nervous I giggle, I giggled no-stop at my vows during my wedding

One time at a family gathering some people we didn’t know crashed our family reunion and started to eat and everything until someone asked them who they were and then they left

Take my advice plan ahead and be detailed, but also take all the fun on the fly chances you get

I’m almost always online, whenever I can be. I’m kind of an internet addict- pinterest, facebook,twitter, my blog feeds

I’m addicted to diet coke, Downton Abbey, reading, staying up way too late at night, keeping tedious notes of things to do


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