random family stuff

When my brother was born, I was insanely jealous. My dad kind of just told me about it and I remember looking out my window at the creek behind my house and being so hurt. To me my dad was starting his family all over again. Later I would grow to love my brother and enjoyed hanging out with him. I would buy baby toys and keep them in my purse so if we were out he’d have something to play with. He loved capes when he was little, my grandmother would take a tea towel and clothespin and make him capes and he was never without one. He also was hyper as in more hyper than any kid I had ever known, but the funny thing is,I never knew any kids besides kids my own age, so what was I comparing him to?

My family is not good at secrets, my grandfather would always let me peek at my Christmas gifts when my grandmother wasn’t home and one year my dad actually let me unwrap my gifts when my mom wasn’t home, play with the doll furniture and then he tried to re-wrap it. That was also the year our cat climbed our Christmas tree and knocked it all down, antique balls and all. 

I found out later in life that the apartment we lived in growing up had been my great uncles before he died and so had most of our furniture. It was a creepy place, and I never really liked living there, but it could have been because my parents fought all the time. It would also explain how in my mind all of our furniture was from the 50’s.

Growing up we took one field trip I loved it was to an old fashioned farm place and we got to dip candles. I think that’s where I got hooked on early american history. We also took a trip to my teachers parents farm and made a nature trail at our school that year, that teacher taught me about nature and birds and caring for the Earth before it was cool. She also read us books about nuclear meltdowns and caring for a horse’s leg with lintament and also that colonial movie about the pewter smith guy. She had a marble jar and when the class did well she added a marble and when it was full we got those animal cookies with pink icing. It’s funny the bits and pieces I remember. Then on another trip we went to a forest and did team building exercises, that was cool. 

Last random me history info bit, I bought my prom dress a size 2 from a J Crew catalog, long before that was cool. And no I am not a size 2 any longer, but my dress was simple yet elegant, nothing gaudy that I look back on and hate. 


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