John 18 1-40

So Judas turned over Jesus for a few coins. Peter denied knowing Him three times and then the rooster crows. Jesus knew all this would happen, He told them it would happen. He was betrayed by friends, people He trusted. How did He feel at this time, a time of great trial and discomfort to know His Earthly friends were gone. They wouldn’t risk themselves for Him. How scary it must have been for Him,He knew what was coming, but He also knew the love of God and what was awaiting Him in heaven. This always makes me lonely, because in some of the worse situations in life we are alone-trial, jail, surgery,death. Yes there may be people who are thinking of you  or praying for you, but in some of the scariest situations it’s just you and God. Perhaps it’s that way so we can see that He is always there and will always be with us and protect us. 


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