Extreme Cheapskates= Nasty Nasty Weirdos

I just watched a show on TLC called Extreme Cheapskates. These people are whack. The first guy went up to strangers in an eating place and asked to take their uneaten food home,but that’s nothing compared to crazy mom of six. This chick cuts up scraps of cloth and makes toilet paper. Yes you read that correctly. She saves something stupid like $20 a month doing this. She has six kids and had to laugh when someone said it’s not clean to just put that stuff in your washer, however she made no comments about running it with bleach. After her family using some cloth tp they drop it into a bucket next to the toilet, whether it’s number 1 or number 2. So with 6 kids this lady is leaving a bin of gross used wet human waste filled cloths in a bucket until she washes them. I mean what does her house smell like and then the kids are folding the towels from the dryer and they have nasty poop stains on them. YUCK. WTH you cheap B*.Then to top off her nasty-ness which she calls being frugal she goes to a public park and picks weeds and things to make a “wild” salad. I’m not exactly sure how her and her husband paid 89,000 of debt off in less than a year, but more power to them. It’s great to cut costs where you can, but really TP? That’s not frugal that’s just weird. Then there is the last guy who is cheap and one of his methods is to collect change and buy some goats heads to make for dinner. He is sitting there eating eyeballs, brain, tongue-cracking the head in half, all the nasty brown goat teeth showing as he digs in and picks his goat head apart. Without being a professional I would say that being that cheap when you don’t have to be (none of them were poor) is some kind of addiction, definately not of the normal mind. I am still grossed out by that lady having wet soiled cloths sitting in a bucket in her bathroom and I usually don’t get grossed out.

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