We are all different. Yet for some reason we feel like we are able to comment on the splinter in someone else’s eye,while ignoring the whole log in our own. My children both has speech issues and I worry. I worry because even with therapy other kids might make fun of the way they pronounce things. Silly I know, but as a mom, I worry. You just always hope your kids will blend in so other kids can’t find that one thing to zoom in on and make your kid feel like crap. My nephew has a short leg, he was born like that, most likely because his mom made some stupid decisions when she was pregnant. She then left him with my brother when he was less than a year old. The thing is, right now since he’s still little, he has to wear a special lift on his shoe. And people look, and people point and you can see them wondering or talking or offering pity. And that makes you feel weird. I once saw an Oprah or some show on TLC about a little girl who I think had some rare little person condition and her mom stated that people would actually stare, point, make comments, say eew, things like that to this mom and this kid, to their faces. And I just couldn’t imagine people being that rude or that stupid, but it happens. That’s sad. Sure there are people in this world, who look ill or look different but why would you point, or comment. Another time when my husband and I were young and dating, we babysat for family friends who had adopted 2 kids, one white and one black. Now the kids were about 10 or 11 at the time and my husband and I were maybe 19 or 20. We took the kids out to eat and bowling and all sorts of places and after the initial stares because we had a black child and we are white, and the comments, people would then comment about how we were so young to have 2 kids. I mean come on, the kids are only half our age, have you never heard of babysitters? and what business is it of a stranger anyway. Of course kids will always be curious, so I always tell my kids if they have any questions to ask in private at home, we don’t point or stare or say anything about anyone-size,shape,color,physical appearance, accent, nothing. Tonight my son asked me at dinner how it would feel to be a 4th grader who is the size of a 2nd grader. I told him we are all the size God wants us to be based on our genes. I also told him that maybe that 4th grader worried about being smaller and maybe people said things or maybe not, but I closed it by saying we can never judge a person by characteristics they can’t change, instead we make friends based on how someone treats us and we always need to treat people like we want to be treated,in other words short people can’t change being short, but being an a** hole is a decision, something you can change and some people choose not to change their attitudes. I mean I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers,but I think trying to encourage my kids to read hearts instead of looks is a better way to go through life. Nobody wants to be stared at, made fun of, or talked about.


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