I couldn’t do it

So I couldn’t give us snacking this Lent, I didn’t even make it up past Ash Wednesday. So I decided to maybe give up Facebook for one day a week.  Well that wasn’t going anywhere either. Day 1 I realized I couldn’t do it. I was curious, I had to check to see what people were doing and also to see if I got any messages. So from there on for 2 months, I’ve been using it minimally, starting on a Wednesday and moving on through to some other days. Last year I went on vacation for 1 week to the Outer Banks and did not take my computer so for one week I did not have email or Facebook and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was miserable. I felt lost and I was sad. It would be very safe to say I am addicted or that it is a really bad habit. I would love a simpler life, with not as much realiance on technology, but that won’t happen, it’s easier said than done. I feel like I’ll miss something or that I won’t be part of something, so yes it’s like a clique. Just like my kids who like the tv on in the background as a distraction while they are playing, I like to sit off and have my netbook while I am watching tv. It’s just there and now I am so used to it. So what did I learn? I learned to cut back, I learned that when I am sick it’s ok to not be online and just relax. I cut back on blogs I read and follow and things I like on Facebook. It can be part of my life, but it’s not my whole life and that feels good.Sure I think I could go all Amish sometimes and just enjoy life without technology, but I know that after a few hours, I’d be tired of that and bored. I also don’t have a smart phone, so when I am out I don’t have access to the internet, so that’s makes me not logged in all the time. It made me realize that my attempt to do without made it easier for me to do less. How about you? Are you hooked on any social networking?


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