E & PB

Today I am thankful for peanut butter. I know that’s not profound or anything, but I just love peanut butter. My favorite right now is Skippy Natural with honey. I just love it. I toast an English muffin (a loaded fiber one) and then put the pb on and have it as a snack or as breakfast. It takes away my craving for candy and chocolate cookies. When I get hooked on a food, I will eat it for almost every meal for a few weeks, then maybe not want it for months. My mother said I’ve been like that since I was little.

The other thing I am thankful for today is that my son was talking about his memories of my grandfather last night. He remembers watching horse racing with him and asked what he wanted to be when he was little and I told him a funny camping story about him. It was nice, because I worry that he doesn’t remember my grandparents or that over time he will forget, but he has some of his own cool memories and that makes me smile.  I still find it hard almost one year later that one day I had grandparents and in a matter of hours things happen and I don’t have grandparents. Life and death it’s strange. This morning my kids were playing Wii and I was overcome with emotions because I always had wanted my grandfather to come and play Wii bowling with the kids and now that won’t happen. Silly things like that I miss.


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