Places for Inspiration

My Sunday School class uses the Spark materials from Augsburg. So I like Spark on Facebook, it’s nice  to see how other teachers have used the materials or to get ideas for lessons.  I also like  They have lots of good ideas for families and I also like them on Facebook. and are two other resources I use. Many times I will see a really neat craft on some of the blogs I follow and I will figure out how to tweak it for Sunday School and a Bible lesson and I have had huge success with that.  One such item was the prayer pail.  I took a small pail and took colored craft sticks and wrote a variety of things to pray for on the sticks. We take turns each week choosing a stick and that’s what we use for our closing prayer. Things my students can relate to- school tests, grandparents, baptised babys, firemen, our church, etc.

These are just some of the ways I mix it up and keep it interesting as far as crafts and projects for the kiddos.

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