This Sunday is Ascension day. My Sunday School class will listen as we talk about how Jesus was taken up to heaven. One minute He is back walking and talking, and leaving his last important lessons and information with his disciples. Then in the next minute He is taken up to heaven when the cloud appears. I think this is such an amazing lesson to learn when you are young in Sunday School, because kids can visually imagine that without any problems. When we are adults it’s sometimes harder to picture that, in our worlds of black and white.

When I was younger I always thought heaven was literally on top on the clouds. Angels hung out up there and the layout of heaven stretched from cloud to cloud. It was all really cool for me to think about, because I could only imagine how cool it would be to touch a fluffy super soft cloud, let alone sit on one.  The first time I flew through a cloud, I realized the angels must be up way higher. It was something simple, but I really couldn’t believe it.

One second Jesus is here teaching and the next He is taken up to heaven. How much more hope did that offer to followers to know He was up there watching over us.

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