I didn’t grow up any where fancy. I did not have a room of my own until I was 10, maybe or a bed. When I lived with my parents I slept on an old pull out couch, that had pokey mattress coils in it. Still when I don’t feel good or when I want to be most comfortable, I like to sleep on a couch. But anyway, when I finally moved in with my grandparents, I had a room and a bed and it was nice. Nothing fancy though. Across the street was a huge farm. The neighbors were Mennonites & missionaries and they had their own little break away Mennonite church.  Each summer they got fresh air kids- which I didn’t realize until I was older, what fresh air kids were. In a way, I always felt like a fresh air kid at their house. They had a horse and there were always tons of kids and grandkids to play with. They did not have a tv or a radio,but they had a piano and we sang hymns. They gave me my first Bible. There were chickens, a huge garden, a tree swing, bikes (even a bike built for two) and there were woods and walking trails and a big old barn. All we needed was imagination and it was so much fun playing there. I was in another world. They would take me with on day trips and then on Wednesday nights they would have a small prayer and Bible study for us kids. To me that was so neat, their lives were simple. There was not rich or poor, parents or no-parents. It was all so unique. No one fought. I was not a big fan of their food, because to me it was always healthy, but I would eat it anyway. It was only yesterday that I realized God put me there. He knew all along what His plans for me were. I heard someone talking on the radio about where God puts us. I look back now over twenty years ago and I can remember the strong conviction the youngest daughter had in school, knowing she dressed different in skirts and head coverings, knowing she showed and shared her faith. I can see how God placed this tiny seed in me with His love and grace from the neighbors, knowing full well I would one day really appreciate it. That makes me smile. A really great bunch of memories and summers and realizing He put me there.


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