10 things pre-eclampsia taught me

May is pre-eclampsia awareness month and as a survivor I want to do all I can to help others be aware of this condition.

Here is my list of 10 things pre-eclampsia taught me:

1. Life is not planned. You can prep for a baby all you want and get ready, but when you develop pre-eclampsia life happens in an instant. I never even knew there was anything such as preemie clothes before I had pre-eclampsia

2.Whether it’s your first or your fifth, any symptom or feeling that doesn’t seem right, or any sudden pain,just ask your doctor. They are there to take care of you and you can never be certain. I never really had any physical symptoms

3.Sometimes when you are really really sick it helps to be pregnant and kind of out of it,in my case, I never knew how high my pressure was (205) at the highest, so I didn’t really have a chance to panic

4. Rest. Rest after delivery. I shouldn’t have been worrying and trying to bounce right back. I should have rested, easier said then done

5. You can get through this. I was freaked out, I didn’t want an early delivery. I didn’t want to almost die, I was scared, I was an emotional wreck, but with time things came back to normal

6. Blood Pressure is called the silent killer for a reason, not everyone will have the classic symptoms, head aches etc. I never did

7.Bad things can happen even when you are pregnant. I think I focused so much on my changing body and my baby, and all the things like don’t change the cat litter or eat sushi, and never gave any thought to my own personal health, I think I felt almost like pregnancy makes you immune

8. Lots of people get pre-eclampsia and there is no one size fits all cookie cutter person who will get it. If more people spoke about it and shared their story lots more people would be aware.

9. I am very lucky to live within close driving distance of a level III NICU who knew what they were doing and whose OB’s knew how to treat me and also my own doctor who caught it and got me moved to the other hospital

10. This is the funny one- those little urine cups you have to take with each time you go for a pre-natal check-up, they are to look for protein in the urine, a sign of pre-eclampsia. Never knew that and I have two kids, not sure what I thought they were for 🙂


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