LBW hymns

A few years ago, I decided that I did not want my kids to listen to the garbage music on the radio. I also didn’t want to subject them to countless hours of NPR while we drive, so I found a Christian station that I really like and that’s what we listen to. It makes me feel upbeat, like when you are at VBS and the songs stick in your head all day and all week and pop in years later from time to time.

In my husbands car, we listen to the ipod, which is secular music we both like and isn’t filled with awful lyrics. I’ve taken some jibbing from friends who get in my car, like is this the God station and my husband is not too keen on my music, but it feels good to have my kids hear it and it inspires and uplifts me.

So for some reason I woke up this morning, with “It is well with my soul” in my head. So in no particular order here are my favorite hymns from the Lutheran Book of Worship:


-It is Well with my Soul

-Amazing Grace

-How Great Thou Art

-Light One Candle

-This little light of mine

-A Mighty Fortress

-Here I am Lord

-Listen, Listen


What are your favorites?


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