Pre-eclampsia after

So this month is ending and I wanted to do one more post on pre-eclampsia and what it means to me.  I am not a doctor, just a pre-eclampsia survivor. So anything I write is just what happened to me,by no means universal.

My first pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. My pressure was fine. After I delivered I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and took meds for maybe a year. I did well on the meds and I lost weight and tried to eat better and I was able to come off them.  My doctor warned me, that because both parents have high blood pressure, there was a chance later on down the road where weight and good eating, might be outweighed by genetics and I’d need meds.

I was pregnant with baby number 2 and all was well. I was not gaining tons of weight. I passed my sugar test and then I developed pre-eclampsia in the 3rd trimester. My pressure was through the roof, I delivered early and my pressure stayed up for a few months after. Even though I was on meds, it was bad, like laying down with a blinding headache each day bad. The doctors were doing everything to get it down and it wasn’t working.  Eventually my body and my new meds worked and I was on meds again for about a year and same thing as before, I was able to come off of them. I need to go every three months to have my pressure checked and so far so good.

Now let me be honest, since having blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and a family history of high blood pressure, the odds are not in my favor. Since having gestational diabetes and a family history of diabetes again, the odds are not in my favor, but I still am overweight, I don’t eat healthy enough, I don’t exercise enough. You would think it would have scared me, but like most people it’s easier to be unhealthy than healthy. My grandmother warned me, to watch my weight and sugars because she developed diabetes after the birth of my uncle and it was severe and she passed away from complications of the disease. I want to do better, but I always have an excuse. It bothers me and I want to be as healthy as possible for my kids and myself. I am hoping that being this honest will make me think differently and look at myself like someone else might.

I also read that after pre-eclampsia some moms forget more stuff, which I sometimes think is true, or it could be moms have so much to remember anyway!!

So I hope these posts on pre-eclampsia get read by at least one person and that it might help you to be more aware.


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