Things I was not too keen on when living on an island

I can live anywhere I think, as long as there is wifi, running water, indoor plumbing and UPS. With that said here are some things I just couldn’t get used to when living in Bermuda:

-Rain. I love rain, I love the sound and smell of rain. I could never really get used to getting in my rain gear and riding my bike to town, to make work in the rain. Never, I just always felt yucky.

-Seasons. There are not seasons on an island. I didn’t care about winter or spring. But I missed fall something terrible. I love leaves and sweaters and crisp-ness and I really missed fall.

-my grandmother. I called her everyday from Bermuda, when rates were maybe 25 cents a minute and we’d talk a good hour. I missed her so much, she was one of the main reasons I came back.

-the ability  walk at night without having to worry about stepping on a nasty cockroach. I hated those things and still do when we go back.

-safety. My husband lived there his whole life and was born there and we were robbed three times, in our home. I felt so scared and was constantly on edge. We also were broken into twice when we used to housesit when we were in college and would go back for Christmas break

-Tastykakes, Turkey Hill Ice Tea, and Taco Bell.  You miss snack comfort food when you can’t get it.


It was an amazing time in my life, a great place to spend my 20’s, but it’s also nice to come back to your roots after several years.


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