I am thankful today for grandma’s. I am so thankful for mine. She raised me, she pushed me, she inspired me and we became the closest of friends. I miss her a lot. Tonight I was watching the Jubilee Queen and they were showing all the behind the scenes and I almost picked up the phone to call her and tell her to watch. She liked the Queen and had the same fascination with the royals that I do. But it’s been over a year since she’s gone. I got kind of teary eyed, same thing happened the other day when I saw my great uncle who looks just like my grandfather, who also passed last year and I just wanted to be able to hug my pap and hear his voice.

The other grand I’m thankful for is my husbands nana. She was British, actually a cockney. She lived in London during the bombings in WWII. She was old when I met her, and she used to make such comments to me about being American. She was funny though, using English terms no one has used since Alice in Wonderland-like looking glass. She went to Disney World with my husbands family one year and famously announced that she liked it so much, when reminded that it was in America, she said no love, this part isn’t really America. That was her in a nutshell. She was mischevous and funny and my husband really really liked spending time with her. It makes me sad, that she saw the Queen’s coronation and she’s not here for the Jubilee. She was as British as they come. So today I am thankful that I’ve known so many amazing grandmothers & father and life is good.


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