Holy Ground

So kids in Sunday School and VBS always love the story of Moses and the Holy Ground. They love to take off their shoes and be told that they are on Holy Ground, there’s always some giggles and some wary faces. But what does it mean to me to be standing on Holy Ground? It’s not just church, I can’t go in the sanctuary and have it be Holy and then the minute I come back out into the street, things are unholy. That’s not how I think it’s supposed to work. I think all the ground the Lord blesses us with is Holy.

Two things struck me today, the first was the sky. It was just beautiful. The temp was amazing and the clouds were huge and spread forever,the sky was a beautiful robins egg blue. The trees looked nice and there were squirrels playing and birds singing and I just stopped and thought, this is the most beautiful day that God gave us. I can stop here with my child and admire it, take it in, be thankful.  But then I just thought, why don’t I stop to admire, the cloudy days, the sweltering days, the blustery days- why do I just love the pretty days?

The other thing that made me think tonight, was a devotion I was reading that advised to think about God at least 15 minutes each day. I kept thinking wow, I wish I had 15 mins to do that. I have little ones and I never have a quiet moment and when I do I am sleeping, but what if I get up early, or pray while driving, what if I think about God before I go to sleep.

So all around us in Holy ground and beauty, on nice days and not so nice days. God is not just good weather and fluffy clouds, He gives us variety and we can see the blessings in each day if we only look.


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