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So the good thing about the Wellbutrin, is that I am no longer in a sleepy fog. I really thought for a few months that I was becoming narcoleptic. I have energy, I did VBS this morning with 17 kids in my class and they were all 4 and 5. I came home did the laundry, cleaned, I am making a meatloaf and fingerling potatoes, I have boatloads of emails to read and tons of mags to look at so I think it’s all good, energy wise. Another good thing, I am not hungry 24/7. I have been eating my 3 meals with minimal snacking- love it.

The bad side, I have been kind of angry and short fused with my kids. They just fight with each other all the time and then they never clean up and I end up doing it, today I almost fell and cracked my…

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