Sky & Chariot

Tomorrow we start Sky at our VBS and I am excited. For VBS I teach the pre-schoolers and so far I have 10 kids in my class. I was prepping my materials and reading over my first Bible lesson (which I actually learned something new) it’s the lesson about Jesus healing the Roman Centurions soldier, and I truly thought a centurion was a 100 year old soldier (chalk it up to Al Roker and his 100 year old club, or the fact that many people in the Old Testament lived for several hundred years) I really thought they were all old guys.  Anyway, I am excited. Some of the kids in my class, will only have these few short days of VBS as their exposure to Jesus and His teachings. We have lots of fun crafts and games and food, so it should be cool. Today my Bible reading was Acts 8, the part with Philip and the Ethiopian.  I never cared for this story, but over the years, I am really starting to enjoy this one. Here’s this Ethiopian, trying to read Isaiah, he doesn’t understand the language or what is really going on, but he wants to learn. Then God sends Philip to him and he explains it to him and helps him understand and then he is baptized. He is overcome with the message of God’s love and meaning. He finds out about Jesus and His love and teachings and he is so very happy with this. Philip to me is a good model for Sunday School teachers and VBS teachers, because the young minds we work with are excited to learn about God and Jesus, but they may not understand, or it might be confusing and there we are to help them out and guide them. This will help them grow in the faith and send them on their way with a faith foundation, like the Ethiopian. 

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