Top 10 VBS edition

Top ten things I am learning in VBS- the second week

1. 4 year olds are very well behaved the1st week, by the 2nd week they are comfortable and show their true colors

2. Most kids, a good 85% I’d say, do not like root beer floats

3. Sky from group, has some pretty cheesy crafts this year and some complicated snacks

4. Kids & adults like Chadder the Chipmunk to be a puppet, not a cartoon

5.Kids love to talk about Jesus and share what they know about Him, even at 4

6. I have more patience than I ever thought possible (Thank you God)

7.Kids love to talk about their dads and most of the dads are described as very clumsy- I have no idea why

8. Cataphillers have wings- at least the VBS ones do

9. Tell the kids to look for God sightings, they LOVE to do that

10. No matter what trust God!!


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