End of VBS Sky

So we made it through another year of VBS. I had four and five year olds again, who are always spirited. Sky was not that exciting as a theme. We all missed Chadder the Chipmunk being a puppet and not a cartoon. The crafts were not great, the snacks were complicated and the Bible lessons didn’t really work all that well for my age group. But I do love that age, because they make me remember to stop listen and think about the small things, to think about how life was when I was four or five and didn’t have a care in the world. I enjoy being a VBS teacher, I love when the kids call me teacher, because they forget my name or because all little kids at that age say hey teacher. I love how my kids are off learning in their age groups and I also bring friends kids too. I love to see our church flooded with our kids and kids who just want to come to VBS. I love to see the kids singing and dancing and it’s just such a great vibe. At the end of the 2 weeks we go and perform for a local nursing home. My favorite part is watching the eyes light up of the residents and helping the children to learn it’s ok to say hi and shake hands with someone who is older, in a wheelchair, with a walker- things they may not be used to seeing. It’s just such a great display of God’s love for all.


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